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Reshaping Research from Ground Up

Walking to her office in the morning, Ruth Stark often stops to observe a large construction site on the south campus of The City College. Over the last four years, she has seen it grow from a yawning pit of earth and rocks >


A number of positions are available as the Advanced Science Research Center builds, ranging from advanced research scientists to research and laboratory technicians to administrative and technical support staff. Current and upcoming posts are noted below:

Science - ASRC Ad

Professor and Director of Neuroscience Initiative – (Job ID #11621)

Assistant or Associate Professor, Nanoscience (Multiple Vacancies) – (Job ID #11623)

Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor, Structural Biology (Multiple Vacancies) - (Job ID #11640)

Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor, Environmental Crossroads (Multiple Vacancies) – (Job ID #11622)

Imaging Facilities Manager – (Job ID #10784)

HR Manager – (Job ID #12087)

Editorial & Design Manager - (Job ID #12277)

IT Manager - (Job ID #12251)

Note: You must create a username and password to use the CUNY jobs system. For more information click here.


For further inquiries regarding any recruiting matters, including future needs not yet posted here please contact: Jonathan Vaughn, ASRC Chief of Staff, at 212.413.3304 or jonathan.vaughn(at)

The CUNY Advanced Science Research Center

brings the nation’s leading urban public university to a landmark moment in its multibillion-dollar commitment to innovative science.

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